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Allows simply obtain this clear at the beginning: New movie The DUFF has based on the facility that every team of women pals has a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” whose single objective for being on the team is to act as a portal to her prettier friends. ┬áHe takes care of to fix all these points with a journey to the shopping mall. She obtains a brand-new bra and attempts on brand-new clothing and Wesley finishes the trip by aiming out just how satisfied she looks.

The movie additionally quickly includes that guys could be DUFFs, so do not believe that this isn’t really regarding equal rights. Rather, The DUFF is simply an improperly made movie based on a misogynistic property. In the globe of The DUFF, that circumstance isn’t really difficult to think. The movie makes no initiative to create a genuine relationship in between the 3 primary women– Jess, Bianca, and Casey– prior to it rips them apart. I such as foolish teenager films as a lot of any kind of various another pop-culture customer and so I desired to provide this movie the advantage of the question.


Whether women leave the duff full movie theatre happily stating that they are or typically aren’t a DUFF, it does not matter. What issues is currently they’re going to begin utilizing the term “DUFF” in their day-to-day discussion. This movie is aiding spread out a misogynist construct right into social circles where it most likely had actually never ever prior to exist.

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The only healthy and balanced method to finish it would certainly have been to take down the suggestion of the DUFF completely, to inform teen women that a DUFF isn’t really a genuine point, and that relationship are constructed on even more compared to the capacity for charming partnerships. Whatever this movie was attempting to state, it obtains shed when she’s riding off right into the sundown with her brand-new partner, instead compared to caring herself.